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A Defining Moment, December, 4, 2010       On December 4, 2010, parents, pastors, politicians, business men and women, activist, Community Based Organizations and individuals gathered at Youngtown State University for the first Action-Oriented Black African Descendent Community-Wide Education Summit focused on  Our Community's Children.

What made this Black Coummity Education Summit different was that it was designed to be action-oriented, starting on the day of the summit.

The first action item was for everyone present to show their commitment by voting on the Community Action Ballot which committed them to four (4) action steps:

1) A Collective & Collaborative commitment to Rescuing, Re-Socializing, and Reclaiming the Hearts of Our Community"s Children and Re-Educating their Minds.

2) The establishment of an African Education Party for the express purpose of  systemically and systemically engaging in changing the way the current system educates Black African Descendent Children in Youngstown Public Schools.

3) Agreeing to work positively and collectively on coordinated teams so that no one group, nor any one person, is responsponsible for the entire Black Liberation Mission.

4) Agreeing to participate in the Campaign for African American Achievement in coordination with other oranizations and individuals.

45 organizations/individuals cast ballots on December 4, 2010. These organizations/individuals represented hundreds of other community members, from churches, Community Based Organizations to Block Watches.
As we synergistically harness our will, skill and power on behalf of our children success will follow. 

We have a magnificient world history to tell our children- we have to tell itOur children have an awesome capacity to learn, if we ensure that they have that collective opportunity.

We must change the system, not just the programs in the system.

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2020 UPDATE: "We", Black Leadership Failed.
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